5 & 6
July 15th
I am back on the streets, so to speak, where my internet access is limited to internet cafe's where I pay to use the internet and can not upload my photos. So I will fill upload all that later. I can say that I finished the costume, I am going to a protest tomorrow against the closing of art studios in Berlin. I will wear the costume there serving lemonade, or playing fiddle, or riding my bike. We shall see. I am a bit distracted, because my good friend from my hometown Kalamazoo, MI has came to visit me. I have not seen any homies in ages, so me and Bridget are raging around Berlin. Cooking by fire, living in a box, and drinking water from bags. Some might call us trashy, but really we are just -stinking hipsters- reaking of junk culture.

Check back in a few days.