July 11th
I have just finished handwashing these unwanted materials. The time spendt washing these objects, cleanses them of the soot and grime they had accumulated throughout their lives. As I wash I think of the objects as if they were people, or things with souls. Disposed of on the street, thrown away and unwanted. Destined to waite, with the small hope that small child would pass by picking up one of the discarded toys, and give the toy new attention love and care. Yet these dirty objects knew that mostlikely these days on the street were only to get worse once they were swept up and brought to live out the rest of their long life ina land fill.

As I wash them, I cleans them of them of the dirt, but traces of memoires still linger. No matter how hard I wash these objects keep a slight scent, and I cannot remove all the stains.
As they sit here and dry, there is a new glean about them. It is as if their scraped plastic button eyes are grining with joy as they anticipate their new life.

I will assemble these objects into a creature of the lost and found. The "are you my mother?" look. Perhaps I will have a child wear the costume, sent to wander the streets, with a lost look in her eye.

I began making some ears today, but they wont be done till tomorrow. So I made this nice nose as my sculpture of the day. I think it will go very nicely with the full costume I plan to make.